We help you pass your NCT first time around


We offer a comprehensive range of car services and repairs to customers based in Ennis. We source the finest quality tyres from the leading and most recognisable brands and provide clients with pre-NCT checks to help them pass their NCT test first time around.

Our fully qualified and highly experienced mechanics will ensure you save time and money by using the latest diagnostics equipment during your service and repairs to make sure you only pay for what you need.

Combining experience and expertise across a variety of vehicles, 4X4s and light commercial vehicles we provide clients with a service that is cost-effective and of the highest standard.

Martin Daly Tyres

We supply and fit tyres in a range of sizes for cars, vans and light commercial vehicles. Competitive pricing on tyres sourced from the leading and most recognisable brands

Car Services

Our expert team of mechanics provide a comprehensive range of maintenance and car services in Ennis. Servicing your vehicle will ensure it is in great condition and roadworthy

Replacing your tyres should be quick and easy. We repair and fit new tyres

Pre-NCT Checks

A pre-NCT check will help you pass your NCT test at the first attempt. We inspect all components of your vehicle and flag any potential issues that need repairing before your NCT

Car Repairs

Our garage is equipped with modern equipment and the very latest diagnostics technology. Our team of expert mechanics provide clients with a variety of car repair packages

Replacing your tyres should be quick and easy. We repair and fit new tyres

Special Offers

We provide a range of special offers where we give significant discounts on some of our most popular products and services while also rewarding loyalty

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for a mechanic near me. Can you repair my vehicle?

We offer car checking and repairs to all vehicles, 4X4s and light commercial vehicles in Ennis. We deliver a quality and professional service while saving time and money on all repairs

The official NCT website is confusing. Will you ensure I am properly prepared?

We will make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and safe through our pre-NCT check. Customers should make sure their vehicle is clean and tidy ahead of their NCT while also carrying out basic oil and water checks

Why should I go to Martin Daly Autos when I can buy tyres online?

Customers can trust us with their tyre repair and replacements thanks to our quality products and years of experience. Customers who choose to buy part worn tyres online can pose a safety risk to other drivers as quality cannot be guaranteed